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Dolce Lingua

Language program

Our La Dolce Lingua (DL) program includes a training course with lessons every day, from a minimum of one to four weeks (it is also possible to extend). It does not provide accommodation, for which students are asked to provide for themselves. The school is always available for any doubts or questions.

You can choose between individual, semi-individual and group lessons. The coordination office pays close attention in choosing the teacher best suited to the student’s needs: the teaching staff is selected on the basis of precise characteristics that take into account a training course specializing in the most modern communication methods and a natural predisposition to human relationships. In the case of group courses, the Coordination Office prepares the classes after taking the Italian language tests in order to avoid obvious differences in the knowledge of the language.
Do not forget the atmosphere of appreciation during the lessons. Even the possibility of working with different teachers is always reported by our students as a useful and valuable experience.
During national holidays, lessons will not take place and will not be made up.

All my comments are not enough to highlight the qualities of the teachers! Each of them is very competent, both as a language teacher and in terms of the ability to communicate well with the students. Thanks to them I was able to get a good combination of intense and fruitful learning and a very stimulating and fun job.


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