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Cultural Seminars

The Italian Culture

La Lingua La Vita offers every week the possibility of taking the following additional seminars:

Seminar on the History of the Italian Language

Conducted by an expert in linguistics and romance philology, these seminars are structured according to the following program but may also be customized upon demand:
- The Indo-European roots of language.
- Passage from archaic Latin to later forms.
- The classic and popular styles in Italian language.
- Development of vulgar Italian from Latin.
- Affirmation of the Tuscan idiom versus northern and southern Italian forms.
- The scientific prose of Galileo.
- The contributions of Manzoni.
- Mussolini and the rhetoric of his regime.
- Contemporary Italian and the influence of mass media.
- The influence of borrowed foreign words and phrases in the history of Italian.
- Analysis of dialects and social jargon.

Seminar on the History of Italian Art

Conducted by an expert in Art History and Art Critique, these seminars make use of slides and follow a program starting with Italian painting of the 13th century up to the 17th century. Each lesson will be dedicated to a different artist.

Seminar on Food, Literature and Cinema

This is a multimedia presentation focusing on the influence of food in the Italian literature, cinema, everyday life, songs, sayings and idiomatic expressions. Reference to recipes elaborated from the famed movies Il Postino (The Postman) and Il Gattopardo (The Leopard).

Seminar on Italian Literature

Starting from a literary analysis of the later Latin authors to the ‘Three Tuscan Crowns’ (Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio), through the reading and commentary of several poetic and literary segments.

Seminar on the History of Italian Cinema

Strictly connected to the free guided viewing of selected Italian movies (that can be agreed between students and the teacher according to individual interest and tastes), these seminars may follow standard itineraries such as the birth of Neorealism in Italy or, alternatively, an analysis of the representation of women in Italian films.

Long live Italian Pop Music!

Every Friday at 11:30 a few Italian popular songs are selected by La Lingua La Vita teachers to be analyzed and then sung by students from all current classes in a group session. Prior to the song fest, each teacher will have gone over the lyrics to make sure everyone understands the words and their particular significance and social reference. But the fun starts when everyone listens together to a recording and then sings in unison. It is an important moment for language instruction, for understanding the culture and for socializing together!

Seminar on Umbrian Wines

A seminar on the most famous Umbrian wines such as Sagrantino di Montefalco and the reds from Montefalco, wines known throughout the world for their goodness.  Following the seminar and upon request, wine tastings can be organized at the wineries where these wines are produced.

The History of Olive Oil in Umbria

A seminar on Umbrian olive oil, noted the world over for its quality and excellence, where the olive oil-making process will be explained.  This seminar can be combined with a visit to the Museum of Olive Oil Culture in Trevi or with a tasting of delicious bruschette and olive oil!

Seminar on Chocolate at the Perugina Factory

The history of chocolate, a food which has always taken first place in terms of culinary delicacies! Few know that the real “house of chocolate” is in Umbria and that, in fact, it’s called “The house of Perugina chocolate”, after the company which created the Baci Perugina.  Umbria is the only region in Italy which has managed to make chocolate one of its primary products, to the point of dedicating a unique festival to it called the Eurochocolate Festival, usually held in October to sweeten the arrival of winter.

Seminar on Umbrian Cuisine

A seminar on the culinary specialties of Umbria such as precious truffles, savory sausages, fresh and aged cheeses, kabobs and meats grilled over embers and much more!  Umbria is famous for its cuisine:  healthy, abundant and simple but tasty nevertheless!

The Influence of Greco-Roman Culture on Popular Festivals and Folkloric Events in Umbria

A seminar on the history, legends, beliefs and rites of the Pagan culture present in Umbria, particularly, in Todi.  Representations and explanations of the "Sega la Vecchia" traditional country festival held in Todi.

Seminar on the most famous historical figures in Umbria:  Jacopone of Todi and St. Francis of Assisi

Analysis of the greatest representatives of religious literature in Italy:  Friar Jacopone of Todi and St. Francis of Assisi.  Letters and commentary on their most relevant works.

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