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Art and Crafts courses

Art and Crafts Course

The school offers afternoon courses in painting, ceramics, art history, engraving and photography that take place in the studios of local artists and artisans. These are coordinated to ensure that, at the end of the course, students are able to bring their works of art to final completion, be it a painting or a ceramic piece.
Our programs in 2004 are being conducted by artists and artisans with many years of experience and the ability to teach their particular artistic techniques. The courses are ideal for anyone wishing to learn the basics of the various art mediums and also for those who wish to extend their knowledge and technical know-how. The lessons are given in Todi in the artists own studios and workshops. There are usually ten lessons of three hours each. The course of study can be modified somewhat to conform to the level and aptitudes of individual students.

Painting Courses

- Brief historical overview on techniques and materials.
- Preparation of painting supports (canvas, paper, wood).
- The drawing: still life, landscapes.
- Painting techniques: pastels, oils, watercolor, tempera and charcoal.
- The choice of technique, support and subject is free.
(Materials supplied to the student: Pencils, brushes, linen canvas, Italian fine papers, oil colors, acrylic colors, watercolors, pastels, gesso, charcoal pencils and easels.)



Basic Course:
- Brief overview of techniques and materials.
- Preparation of the plate.
- Drawing and transfer to the plate.
- Engraving with the dry point.
- Etchings
- Use of paper in engraving.
- How to apply ink to the plate.
- Printing with a hand press.
- How to store the prints.
- Watercolor prints.

Advanced Course:
- Engraving with multiple plates and colors.
- Printing with multiple plates and colors.
- Engraving on wood.
- Printing from wooden plates.

(Materials supplied to the student: Colors and oils, spatulas, tarlatana, engraving tools, agate stones, presses, paper, plates.)


1st Course:
Clay modeling, drying, first firing, decoration and second firing. (Minimum course, two lessons.)

Second Course:
Technique of enameled decoration on terra cotta (plates, pitchers, cups, already formed) and majolica, second firing. (Course minimum, two lessons.)

Third Course:
- Modeling and turning in clay.
- History of Umbrian ceramics. Storia della ceramics Umbra
- Course of modeling and turning. Corso di modellazione al tornio
- Course of raku. (Course minimum, two lessons.)
(Materials supplied to the student: Clay and utensils for modeling, kiln for firing, colors, brushes, enamels.)

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