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All the accommodations are close to the school!

Having been selected personally by the owner and founder of La Lingua La Vita, our host families are warm and hospitable and most have been working with us for many years. They have been carefully chosen because of their strong moral values and their ability to both enrich the students’ understanding of the local cultural background, as well as to offer an opportunity for further communication in standard Italian through involvement in every day social and community life.

There is also the possibility of staying in the private homes and apartments of our instructors, some of whom make rooms and available to students.
All of our host homes are close to Todi’s historical center - a maximum of fifteen minutes away by foot, where students may stay in comfortable single rooms often with a private bath. Families are available to help students find medical assistance should this be necessary and they freely offer transportation back and forth from the Todi train station and bus depots.

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