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"It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for La Lingua La Vita which I became acquainted with through the director of the school, Dr Stefania Belli. I have known the school for five years, first when I was a guest professor for the Pennsylvania State University in Todi, and then as the head of the Moore College of Art program abroad. When I first met Stefania, she was the coordinator for the Pennsylvania State University Program in Todi, a complex job involving finding compatible families for housing PennState students, and arranging an educational travel itinerary and the transportation to support it. I was so impressed with her intelligence and personality that I asked her and the school to help me organize a program for my College. My College is an Art College and Stefania and her staff understood my needs perfectly. They found housing for my students, arranged the Italian lessons at La Lingua La Vita as well as setting up transportation and an itinerary appropriate for my program. My students enjoyed the teachers’ intelligence and humor. They were wonderful teachers and Stefania was an extremely reliable and trustworthy coordinator for my program. It is without hesitation that I give La Lingua La Vita a high recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information".

Professor Steve Sherman Department of Fine Art, MooreCollegeof Artand Design, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

"Le scale: desiderare la luce"
painted by Kunie Nishizawa, student of La Lingua La Vita

“Our students who participated in the program in Todi two years ago are still talking about their wonderful experience. They praise the enthusiasm and preparedness of the school’s teachers who use innovative methods to teach Italian.  Everyone loved the afternoon outings—they weren’t just touristic visits but also an occasion to immerse oneself in Italian language and culture.  As a director myself, I always found the flexibility of the directors to be very positive and it was easy to work with them to create a program which met our university’s requirements in the United States.”

Prof. Thomas Mussio -  New Rochelle, NY (USA)

“The Language Center in Todi offers students dynamic professors, interesting excursions based on art, history, culture, cooking and other activities to stimulate conversation and meet people.  It is a great school with an exceptional staff.  The city is big enough to enjoy without getting lost.  Todi is a pleasant city.”

Maria G. Traub, Associate Professor of French and Italian Neumann University, Pennsylvania (USA)

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