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“I came to Todi for the first time in 2001 to refresh and improve my Italian.  Now I’m here for the sixth time – and surely not for the last time!  The school environment is laid back and informal, the teachers are competent and flexible.  In addition to this, Todi and the rest of Umbria are absolutely enchanting!”

Dieter, Germany

It has been nearly a year since I was in Todi attending La Lingua La Vita and I look fondly back on that time. At the time I arrived in Todi I had been learning Italian for a few years in the United States and my hope for attending a school in Italy was to learn the language continuously while I was away from home. With this in mind I had the goal of not speaking English during my entire time in Italy at school. I can say that La Lingua La Vita helped me more than reach these ambitions of learning and speaking Italian while I was in Italy.
I have many good memories of my time in Todi. From the moment that I arrived, the family arranged for me to stay with was warm and friendly. I found their warmth and acceptance to be true of most of the people that I met in Todi.
In my opinion the city of Todi is a great location to attend a school. It is old, charming, and very clean, and it can be explored completely on foot.  As to the school itself, I found it to be ideal for me. It is small with a lively and friendly staff. The teachers were fun to learn from and made the class time enjoyable. The number of students per class was small and the capabilities of the students worked well together. The rapport between the students and with the teachers was terrific, even though the only language that we had in common was Italian. For this and for the friendly atmosphere of the school and the city, I am grateful to La lingua La vita. It is a school and a program that was right for me and many times I have thanked the head of the local Italian school for having recommended it to me.
Duncan B. Pitcairn
Pennsylvania USA

“My 4-week stay in Italy to learn Italian at the LanguageSchoolhas been a memorable experience for me!  Not only was it an opportunity to meet very nice teachers and learn a little bit of history, culture, literature and Italian politics from them.  Kudos to all of the staff at the School who creates a pleasant atmosphere and an ideal environment for students to learn Italian as a foreign language.  We always found a reason to laugh together.  With the La Lingua La Vita program, Italian isn’t taught solely during lessons but also during outings to discover Umbria(medieval towns, scenery full of harmony and excelent food!) as well as the cultural activities with the school’s guide and the other students.  Together with daily life spent with an Italian host family in Todi, progress in Italian is made easy and pleasant and aimed at practicality.  A note of advice:  Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of Sagrantino wine in the square!  In Todi and in the La Lingua La Vita program, not only do you learn Italian, you live the experience of Italy!”

Mathias – Germania

"I began studying Italian because I was interested in the culture, especially Renaissance art, lyric operas and cuisine."
Yasuko Hatanaka – Tokyo

Un petit mot pour vous dire que tout TOUT c’est tres bien passe et que ce sera sans objections que je recommanderai votre « école »
Le logement, la nourriture, le service et surtout les 2 charmantes instructrices tout a été parfait.
Bien merci!!!

"The teachers at La Lingua La Vita are excellent! Their coordination of language courses and free time is efficient and fun! I can’t wait to come back to Todi!"
Susanne Eckstein (Tuebingen- Germany)

"I am very pleased with my stay at Todi and to have studied at La Lingua La Vita. My husband and I lived with a family in Todi’s center. They were so kind and the lady of the house is a great cook. We were invited to take part in their social life, we had lots of fun and we had the chance to speak Italian all the time!"
Renate Holley (Vienna-Austria)

“Alexis and I have had two magical weeks in Todi. Everyone at La Lingua La Vita has been extremely welcoming. They have made us feel like family and have made learning Italian lots of fun. We are amazed at how much we learned in two weeks!”

Susan e Alexis Draper (USA)

"I have had a wonderful experience at the school.  I have the following comments about the people with whom I interacted:   Valentina - Did a wonderful job communicating with me prior to my arrival, and was most helpful while I was here.   Giulia - She is an execellent teacher, and her gentle personality makes her delightful to be with.  She is always ready, with a smile, to help.   Lilli - She is a most talented teacher.  If you don't understand what she is presenting, she will present it another way, and another, until you understand.  She was very patient with me!   All of the office staff were so friendly and ready to help.  I would highly recommend the school, but feel that to get the most benefit, some elementary knowledge of Italian is the most beneficial."

Jacqueline Fiche (USA)

"I am happy with my instructors who were non-disparaging and encouraging.  Lilli was efficient and a consistent communicator, Francesca was friendly, encouraging and a good communicator, and the office staff was always available and helpful.  The outside activities were entertaining and culturally instructive."

Shirley Sutcliffe

"I had Dontella as my teacher.  Thank you so much Donatella - great course, with so much enthusiasm and charm, and always with a growing level of difficulty in the appropriate material every day.  Thank you!"

Patrick McDevitt (USA)

“I would definitely take another course at La Lingua La Vita; I want to improve even more and I have so many friends here, I really love Todi!  At the school:  Lilli is the best!  Her knowledge of the Italian language really contributes to the lessons.  Her choices of course material were also well done.  Francesca introduced me to lots of Italian books and movies, I really liked Silvia, and in only one day with Andrea I learned so many new things.  And Valentina Tomba is a jewel!!” 

Muriel Murray (USA)

"All my compliments aren’t enough to highlight the quality of the teacher staff!  Each one of them is very competent, both as a language teacher as well as the ability to communicate well with the students.  Thanks to them, I was able to receive a good combination of intensive and productive learning together with fun and very stimulating work.  Also unforgettable was the atmosphere of respect during the lessons and throughout the school as a whole.  Even the chance to work with four different teachers was a useful and valuable experience".

Birgit Heintel-Kubelka (Austria)

"It was great to return to the school after two years.  The email exchange with Valentina and Francesca was very fast; they always responded right away which reassured me and let me know that my arrival in Todi would be problem-free.  The teachers are lively, interesting and very nice; they transmit their passion to the students.  The teachers, as well as the school staff, should be very proud of the job they’re doing!  The students are fortunate to be here with you!  Even the family (Gianluca, Paola, Andrea and Costantino) is lots of fun and very kind.  They treated me as one of them.  Thank you, everyone!"

William Elfring (USA)

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