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Stefania Belli

Stefania loves the sea, freedom, profound thought and opening her mind to new spiritual, geographical and human worlds.
After graduating at the interpreter’s school in Florence and in languages at the Iulm in Milan, she founded The Language Center in 1988.
Since 2002 she has been the coordinator of the International Self Esteem Project and has created a new teaching method (Beyond Language) based on overcoming emotional blocks that impede self expression in a foreign language and on developing human potential. 
She is an NLP practitioner and has attended various courses in personal growth and in managerial training based on neuroscience.She loves personal growth, economic expansion and cooperative learning. She also translates books on personal growth and managerial training from English to Italian.
She has opened a branch of The Language Center at Long Beach, California.
She often travels to the United States and to various parts of the world, both for work and in order to get to know new worlds and new ways of thinking.

Valentina Tomba
Marketing Manager

Valentina studied humanities at the “Jacopone di Todi” secondary school receiving her diploma in 2000 and graduated in Foreign Literature and Languages at Perugia University in 2005.
She did work experience/an internship/attended a training course at The Language Center in 2003 and has been with us ever since!
At first she was involved in organizing Italian language courses and dealing with international student relations.
Her passion for growth and expansion lead her to dedicate herself to a greater extent to marketing and to commercial networks in Italy and abroad, and eventually to become chief of marketing and to make frequent trips between Milan and Tokyo.
She really loves her job and the new challenges it brings, among which is her role as head of quality control Iso 9001:2008.
She is a devourer of books and a cat lover but her main passion is meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, new worlds and of course her husband Riccardo and her little son Andrea!

Giulia Gregori
Didactic Coordinator of Italian Programmes

Giulia has a degree in Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations from the University La Sapienza of Rome, and has deepened her knowledge of two of her favorite foreign languages ​​( Chinese and English) having studied abroad.  After an early and intense experience as the Coordinator of English language courses, Giulia went on to become the Coordinator of Italian language courses and teacher training courses for L2 level teachers . In addition to being coordinator, Giulia has also, for many years now, been an active part of our faculty here at La Lingua La Vita , which has given her many and varied opportunities to apply the method of teaching in our school to people from all walks of life, including: student travelers, students , psychologists , religious, diplomats , business people and even children. In class with Giulia, all students communicate and acquire language through play , music , mime and grammar , essentially always functional communication ! In her spare time ........ spare time? Giulia has two young children, Lorenzo 6, and Camilla 3, who is almost as big as her and also very lively, as well as a husband and a house to look after! So, as you see,  there is little time to spare , however, in the little free time that she does find, she dedicates that to  walks , friends , music and reading.

Francesca Tomba


Francesca graduated from The University of the Studies of Perugia in Foreign Languages and Literature with a degree in Linguistics while specializing in the 'teaching of' Italian L2 at the Dilit International House in Rome. Ms. Tomba regularly participates in courses and training seminars on teaching Italian as a foreign language. Her hobbies include art, such as decoupage, and travel, and her suitcase is always ready to go. She loves teaching the Italian language to students from all around the globe, and she wouldn't change her job for the world.


Dopo essersi laureata in lingue e letterature moderne è partita per la sua amata Londra dove ha iniziato la mia vita inglese per poi approdare nella città di Robin Hood: Nottingham!!! Ho iniziato lì la mia carriera universitaria come docente di italiano per stranieri.  L'amore l'ha riportata alle sue origini ma ha sempre continuato il suo lavoro di insegnante per stranieri con una grande passione perché ama conoscere nuove persone e nuove culture. La piace moltissimo viaggiare, esplorare nuove realtà e immergersi in 'mondi' nuovi. Ovviamente ama l'Italia e gli italiani e cerca di trasmettere ai suoi studenti quanto sia importante conoscere altre culture ed essere sempre aperti e disponibili verso gli altri e rispettarli.

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