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Italian while touring Umbria

Special Programs - Italian made to measure!

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Italian while touring Umbria

Want to study Italian in a peaceful and relaxing town while at the same time have the chance to visit the main cities in Umbria, even with just a single week stay?  La Lingua La Vita offers you the possibility of attending the special programme "Italian while Touring Umbria" in three different periods of the year:

  • 21 - 27 June, 2020
  • 19 - 25 July, 2020
  • 23 - 29 August, 2020
  • 20 - 26 September, 2020
  • 18- 24 October, 2020

The programme includes:

  • Italian lessons every morning form Monday to Friday
  • accomodation in an indipendent apartment fully equipped or in home stay HB (half board)
  • afternoon trips to discover the most beautiful and important towns in Umbria:  Todi, Orvieto, Spello, Assisi, e Gubbio, from Monday to Friday

To know more, clicc here: Italian while touring Umbria.pdf

If you need further information please contact us via Messenger in La Lingua La Vita Facebook Profile, or write to Valentina Tomba:


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