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School of Italian Language and Culture
in Todi - Umbria - since 1988

Special Programs - Italian made to measure!

Special Programs - Italian made to measure!

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Cooking Course with your Host Family

Tasty as only mother knows best...

Our host families are happy to offer their guests not only their hospitality but the rich variety of our local traditional cuisine.
Enjoy unforgettable evenings sitting in front of the fireplace or under the portico overlooking Todi in the company of your host family the tasty meals you have prepared with their help and support!

Umbria Cusine
The beauty and charm of the landscape of Umbria with its mild climate and farming community is the best setting to appreciate wholesome tasty food as in the old days with fresh herds, wild truffles, savory sausages, fresh and seasoned cheeses, charcoal grilled meat.

Price of the course
The course price includes 5 cooking lessons with the host family and accommodation in family HB.


> Umbrian Olive oil, light, tasty, possibly the best olive oil in Italy.
> Black truffles, pride of the cuisine of Umbria.
> A great variety of Cured Meats: porchetta alla coppa all’arancia, salsicce secche and a lot more
> Lake fish, such as perch, charcoal grilled tench and pike
> Homemade pasta such as ciriole, tagliatelle, umbricelli and potato gnocchi
> Almond and chocolate cakes
> A selection of wines as described in the section Antica Roma
And a lot more ...


In Summer refresh yourself with:
(example of summer menu)
> Tomatoes with a savoury rice filling
> Veal with tuna sauce
> Panzanella with fresh cellery, red onions and carrots
> Coffee flavoured Semifreddo

In Fall warm up yourself with:
(example of an autumn menu)
> Ciriole pasta with truffle sauce
> Cacciatora style wildboar stew
> Mixed roast mushrooms
> Selection of cakes made with chestnuts

In Winter warm up yourself with:
(example of a winter menu)
> Spelt with pecorino cheese from Norcia and pork
> Pheasant in casserole
> Beans with cotiche
> Pan pepato

In Spring recharge yourself with:
(example of a spring menu)
> Penne with asparagus and black truffles.
> Artichoke and Ricotta cheese pie
> Frittelline di vitalbe
> Ciaramicola

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