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Kid summer camps in Italian

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Kid summer camps in Italian



Are you between the ages of 7 and 15? Are you looking for a place where you can speak Italian, go hiking in the countryside, swim, play and have fun? Speaking Italian is easier and more fun when you are busy with other activities like hiking in the woods, eating snacks and playing in the water. Throughout the week you will be able to immerse yourself in the Italian language and not just spoken Italian – we will also be singing traditional Italian songs. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to observe the stars as well.

It’s more Italian!

In the enchanting atmosphere of the "Green Heart of Italy", the importance of learning a language turns into a chance to have a lot of fun. Learning Italian fits in well with all the activities we offer:  from singing to hiking, from a picnic in the fields to a swim in the pool, from day-to-day activities to those that are more interesting. The sounds become familiar and easier to remember. When the body responds naturally to directions given in another language a connection is made with that language which goes beyond the core of memorisation. It’s not difficult to understand a language when an idea is illustrated by physical action. This program, far from being an academic, classroom-based course, is designed to suit an active learning style, taking into account the widespread and natural desire to have fun and the individual personality of each boy and girl. There is no need to do any special preparation to take part in the course.

The staff at The Language Center is made up of mother tongue teachers specialised in language teaching and the creative arts. They have specific experience in running summer camps, weekend musical projects, school camps, full-immersion courses in Italian and cultural activities.

Where are we?

In Umbria, in the welcoming environment of ‘La Ventaggine’ farmhouse , in Pesciano, a charming medieval hamlet 10 km  from Todi. The property, complete with swimming pool, can accommodate up to 26 children per week. We don’t serve pre-packed food. All meals are prepared from fresh ingredients.
In Lazio, at Balletti Park Hotel, a very comfortable facility in San Martino al Cimino sorrounded by the Tuscia countryside.

Who can take part in the program?

Boys and girls from 7 to 15 who want to have fun doing the activities we offer ... in Italian! The maximum number of children we have on any one course is 26. We can therefore guarantee a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Program timetable

As described below, each course lasts a week – just the right length of time for a child to carry out a project and benefit from the intensive course  opportunity. Upon prior agreement with The Language Center it is possible to arrange a pre-paid extension of two weeks.
The courses start on Saturday (arrival time is 5.30 pm) and finish with lunch for the children and their families on  the following Saturday . All those coming to pick up children at the end of the course must arrive by 10.30 am in order to be ready for the final performance which will be based on projects carried out during the week (theater/dance/music/art).


Sat 21/06/2014 - Sat 28/06/2014
Sat 28/06/2014 - Sat 05/07/2014
Sat 05/07/2014 - Sat 12/07/2014

La Ventaggine - Todi (Umbria)

Sat 05/07/2014 - Sat 12/07/2014
Sat 26/07/2014 - Sat 02/08/2014

Balletti Park Hotel - San Martino al Cimino (Lazio)

Required health documents (to be supplied on arrival):

> Anti-tetanus vaccination certificate;
> Certificate of health and fitness;
> The Language Center must be notified of any possible food allergies and/or physical disabilities of any kind on the application form.


- The organization does not assume any responsibility for losses of, or damages to, personal effects or articles of clothing;
- Children are absolutely forbidden from using mobile phones except at dinner time or in emergencies; if parents need to contact their children for any other reason, they can call the camp between the hours of 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm;
- The participants and their parents (or other guardians) agree to abide by the program regulations;
- The children will be expected to wake up between 8.00 am and 9.00 am;
- Breakfast will normally be served at 9.00 am;
- The children may not go beyond the boundaries of the property (these will be established on the first day of the course) unless accompanied by a member of staff;
- We will quickly notify the parents of any child who doesn’t participate in the daily routine;
- We recommend that the children do not bring valuables for security reasons;
- The children will be forbidden from smoking without exception.

Insurance covereage

Each participant will be covered by RAS civil liability insurance.

Essential clothing and other items to bring

- Swimming gear (bathing suit, swim cap, flip-flops, towels, robe);
- Old T-shirts and shorts for painting;
- Water bottle, hat and suitable shoes for walking;
- Jeans, sweatshirt or sweater, raincoat;
- Pencil case, including pencils, a eraser, a ruler and colors;
- Enough sunscreen to last the two weeks.

Additional recommended items

- Bilingual dictionary, preferably pocket size;
- A small amount of money for possible expenses during excursions;
- Books, video games, personal stereos;
- Musical instruments.

Items included in the program

In addition to the technical equipment which all participants will use during the course, we will also supply each child with a notepad and a pen. Furthermore, at the end of the course, The Language Center will award each child a certificate recording their participation in the TULPA program.


18.00 Check-in
18.15 Coffee on the patio for parents, teacher introduction and presentation of the program
18.30 Parents leave
18.45 Tour of the property
19.15 Children are divided into groups
20.00 Dinner
21.15 Relaxation time (storytelling/star-gazing/film/karaoke)
22.00 Bedtime with herbal tea infusion

Sunday – Friday
08.30 Wake up
09.00 Breakfast
09.30 Low key lesson (warm-up games, structural activities)
10.50 Break and snack
11.15 Groupwork on a preselected theme (vocabulary building, everyday expressions, conversation in Italian)
12.15 Swimming
13.00 Break
13.15 Lunch
14.15 Break
14.45 Walk in the woods
16.15 Productive activity (artwork)
17.15 Snack
17.45 Expressive activity (song, theatre, dance)
18.45 Sport activities (the farmhouse is provided with areas for ping-pong, a maze, basketball, soccer, playground, sand box)
20.00 Dinner
21.15 Relaxation time (storytelling/star-gazing/film/karaoke)
22.00 Bedtime herbal tea infusion

08.30 Wake up
09.00 Breakfast
09.30 Review of week's activities
10.30 Children’s show for the parents which marks the end of the program.
12.00 Awarding of certificates

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