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Exams and certifications

At the end of the course, each student is required to take a final test, for internal use only, in order to identify and certify the final level achieved. Our evaluation parameters refer to the TULPA System (Todi Universal Language Proficiency Assessment)that has been in use since 2002. This TULPA system has enabled us to monitor the level  of language improvement during the course made by each student and statistically define the  progress that can be achieved depending also  on the type of course type (intensive, extensive). This is carried out also by taking into account several important advancement factors such as: course intensity, number of hours, number of  students, starting level, and language learning objectives.

In addition, in order to provide a more accurate data we also  take into account that there are also subjective factors linked to the student’s response and reaction to language learning which we parameters of reference for the programs created   by The Language Center (La Lingua La Vita).

As a school with 25 years experience, together with our TULPA assessment system, we are able to provide  focused and personalized programs that take into account student’s learning objectives and their learning styles.

The TULPA system ranges from 0 to 1000 points and is  converted in a 9 level language competence assessment scale.

Our Final certificate has a conversion table of our TULPA scale of reference on the back  and allows the  comparison with other assessment systems. It is also available in other languages compared to the European Framework of Reference .

This is indeed the reason for LLLV’ success as the course are targeted for specific exam preparation for: CELI, PLIDA and CILS.

The lessons are primarily focused on the study material and objectives required  by the University or Examination Boards, with mock exam practice papers.

The TULPA Progress is the difference between the TULPA IN score, assessed at the beginning of the course, midcourse and the TULPA OUT at the end of the course  (for programs of at least 4 weeks or longer). This is  certified at the end of the course.




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