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Beyond Language

The art of expressing yourself

The Beyond Language programme is based on innovative techniques which permit at least 30% more learning compared to traditional methods.  Our programme aims to develop capabilities not normally utilized and to uncover internal resources that favour access to an elevated state of learning.  The techniques used tend to increase the potential of our creative and emotional aspects so that even the potential of the right side of the brain is fully involved in linguistic learning.

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A fundamental part of our programme is the identification of the student’s objectives and the creation of efficient strategies and techniques to achieve them.

Our programme helps the student to productively transform their subjective experience of life, allowing them to reach internal resources through the use of:

Original audio-visual material that facilitates immersion in real life situations

Modelling and role-play created and performed by the student

Techniques of vocal expression and body language from the point of view of global communication

Techniques of emotional expression through the study of body language and non verbal communication

Creative visualisations that promote the activation of alpha and beta waves in the brain, in order to create a high degree of receptiveness.

States of relaxation induced by breathing exercises, as well as yoga and other relaxation techniques, with the aim of reaching the potential of the right side of the brain, considered the seat of creative and analogical thought; of intuitive aspects and of long term memory

Study of physiology – the position of the body, paying particular attention to eye-movement and breathing, with the aim of channelling latent energy towards the objectives.  To this end the body is used as an active teaching instrument through exercises that aim to make physiology an integral part of the learning process.

Complete immersion in an energetic context that revolves around student-teacher interaction.

The fun approach of the course is enhanced by dramatisation and modelling techniques that act as feedback of the behavioural and mental habits of the student in the field of language.

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